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Planetary Gearbox
A planetary gearbox comprising internal gear, planetary gear, carrier and sun gear, can be used to achieve varied speed and turning directions. These gears move together, from where it gets its name. 

Track Drive Motor
Track drive motor is one-of-a-kind motor that is known to prevent power loss and increase efficiency in terms of mechanical and volumetric. Acceleration and deceleration with this motor is smooth. This motor can be used to power several industrial tools and equipment. 

Helical Gears
A cylindrically shaped gear called helical gear has slanted tooth trace. It is one of the most common gear types that finds use in many applications. It is better than spur gears as it has larger contact ratio and operates without any vibration or noise. 

Winch Drive
Winch drive is a mechanical device that finds huge demand in the markets of construction, logistics and more. The types available under one roof include reversing, harmonic, hydraulic and planetary. 

Worm Gearbox
A type of a standard gear is worm gear comprising a shaft with a spiral thread along with toothed wheel that it drives. The rotation movement can be changed by 90 degrees. The worm position on the worm wheel automatically changes the plane of movement. 

Industrial Gear Oil Pump
Buy from us industrial gear oil pump to suction fluids for transferring purpose. The types of oils it can pump include gear oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil and other high viscous fluids. The rugged pump can operate in all conditions. 

Charging Pump
Buy from us fixed displacement pump called charging pump that is driven hydraulically. This kind of pump is mainly used in hydraulic system separately from the main pump. 

Industrial Gears
The types of industrial gears offered by our company include bevel planetary, reduction and more, especially for charging pump. This machine element in the cylindrical shape has equally shaped sharp teeth. 

Timing Pulley
Two shaft system are rotated in sync by using timing pulley. Its gear body is in line with teeth to make sure that shaft does not slip. The belt timing pulley finds use in many applications. 

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